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Trigital Technologies is an Indian based SaaS Billing & CRM enterprise with a Diverse Experience, providing end-to-end E-business solutions and services to Media, Data, Voice & Iot segments.

Trigital specializes in Recurring revenue management, data migration, Billing and payment processing services applying open source service platforms and modules. Next Generation Billing NGB a resilient billing platform is a flagship product. Trigital has rendered services to some of the best in the recurring revenue management domains, catering to some of the best in the industry with reference to the national and the international markets.

Trigital strives to lead the race in terms of providing services and solutions that are resilient ,top notch and value-based within shortest possible time frames using the most relevant and recent platforms of innovative technology which evolved to be robust and flexible in the sense of serving various applicable industries pertaining information technology, quad play, CRM, etc. Trigital has been integrating OSS&BSS for seamless work flows and service delivery for different IT segments over a period of time, IOT and M to M sectors being a few of them.


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Cloud Billing Made Hassle Free With Next Generation Billing – NGB

Cloud Billing | Open Billing System | Trigital Technologies

Next Generation Billing has unfolded a new chapter in the arena of cloud billing and billing topographies. Flexible, Upgradable and Scalable using open source technologies as the prime technological platform.

Needless to say open source technology and NGB as such are at the fore front serving the billing requirements of various industries. Proprietary systems often fail to stride along the passing times brought about by technology change and are often cumbersome to upgrade and be on par with the test of the times.

NGB encompasses a host of features with the ability to surmount various teething business hassles posed by the changing environments of business and technology. NGB has been vigoursly serving the sectors of recurring revenue management platforms and several, clients have leveraged the benefits deploying NGB.




Trigital is adept managing and monetising revenue from a broader perspective

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Trigital offers technology platforms for recurring revenue management businesses

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Techno Perspectives



Internet of Things (IOT) is the buzz word in the present day world of outomation with several of the industries and businesses opting for the internet based automation and leverage. Internet has invariable opened up innumerable opportunities, enfolding “things” and encasing possibilities.
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Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the key when referring to increasing or decreasing graphs of what so ever be the metrics. Increasing or decreasing revenues, operational efficiencies, customer bases, trends, and forecasts are all an outcome of data analytics.

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OBRM Consultation Services

Owing to its technical prowess in cloud and on premise billing and allied services Trigital offers consultancy involving OBRM (Oracle billing and revenue management). Trigital is backed by a team of qualified subject matter experts and can provide end to end consultancy services pertaining functional OBRM systems and offer L1 & L2 resources & AMS application management services — Support during Implementation & Consultancy stages.

Trigital can also develop Plugins for: Reporting, Echo system tools and application development, OAP and ASAP Integration.

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