Operational Support System OSS

Trigital has incorporated, high efficiency open source radius system with its operating support systems that widely cater to the segments of ISP, Hotel management, Airports etc. Trigital has integrated the free radius accounting and provisioning system with its reliable billing system, thus reducing efforts integrating externally.

OSS provisioning comprehensively programs the radius provisioning system available on open APIs and updates the data automatically on a real time basis into the respective tables while providing the reliability between the systems involved..

Trigital offers the much needed solutions to service providers allowing them to manage their operating systems according to their business requirements and environments, enabling a broad range of functions pertaining billing management, customer care systems, real time user authentication and authorization, reporting, tracking, monitoring and other associated aspects from a unified software platform, making it an ingenious flexible system that is highly scalable and flexible.

The system works on open source technologies which help ease the burden on support staff, collects detailed accounting information for further export into the billing system, thus minimizing errors and hassles. The system allows smooth migration path from small to very large ISP’s with easy customisations that suit specific requirements with full source and extensive API.

Implementations are easy with low maintenance costs thereby eliminating the barriers of budgetary constraints.

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