• A Pavan
  • Nov 21, 2018

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The role of Subscription billing when new segments adapt to subscription based models and economies, education and training being one amongst them.

TheThe platforms have virtually transformed the Content delviery industries witnessing escalating growth trends with steady stream of subscribers and subscriber bases dotting the different recurrent revenue management landscapes over the past few years with particular reference to training segment.

The The proliferation of the digital technology and the era of digitalization has virtually transformed the day to day life and conduct with almost all the walks of life enfolded by digital means and modes. Online training and education is one of the facets that has carved itself to be an important constituent of the digital revolution and environs. Training institutes have been growingly adapting to the online mode of imparting education with online classrooms and training modules dotting the various training schemes.

The advent of information technology based companies selling software as a service on subscription basis has eliminated the cons of installing, configuring, adapting and incurring on opex and capex and also dealing with capex & opex related issues. Here forth companies have realised the potentials of the subscription models of business conduct with little or no capex and opex expenses involved with better and more revenues being generated,not to mention many value additions that follow.

Similarly the education and the training sectors have begun to leverage the benefits of the subscription models and have been offering training programs and online schemes bundled on subscription basis making viable, value for money offerings and accessibility seamless and easy by catering to customers need specific demands and necessities.

" Trigital presents an “Typical Architecture for Training & Education Subscription system-“ "

Examples of various subscription based packages -
  • Self-placed course with onetime price.
  • Instructor led scheduled course with onetime price
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual subscription for course package.
  • Free- trial, Basic, Premier package.
  • Course package for Consumer, Team, Enterprise .
  • Discounted price during offer time
  • Discount when consumer spends more and Cash back based on spend .
Advantages of Training and Education as a Subscription
  1. Moving towards recurring revenue.
  2. Simpler way to go by budget of clients/users.
  3. Rapid Integration framework with built in cutting edge technology.
  4. Promotes renewals of training and increases up sell opportunities.
  5. Subscribe what you need and when you need .
  6. Allows customers to review/retake content which increases retention and revenue.
  7. Mix of instructor-led training with self-paced training to increase retention and enhance skills.
  8. Manage different offers to attract clients/users.
  9. Rating, review and consumption based compensation for instructor or content provider.
  10. No waiting time, just unbox the solution and start your business.
Challenges of Selling, Training & Education based on Subscription models.
  1. Get Right offer model to attract users/clients.
  2. Get all content vendor and instructor aligned to subscription based compensation/settlement model
  3. Finest Training delivery platform.
  4. Right tool to manage the subscription(AAA - Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) and offers/promotions/discounts
  5. Right tool to allow user make their own training package, manage own account balance (online payment).
  6. Right tool to manage calculate and give credit points based on certification level achieved

Inferring from the above mentioned facts and factors it helps us conclude that to base Training & Education on Subscription models we need to have a strong unified system that can manage various subscription related activities and billing together. We expect subscription billing system to have the below mentioned functionalities along LMS.

  • Register and signup
  • Flexible offer creation
  • Drive promotion
  • Manage subscription with AAA
  • Manage payment
  • Generate bill & invoice
  • Support prepaid and postpaid model
  • Support revenue settlement for commission for content provider/instructor.
  • High-end finest UI for users to register and manage subscription and use the training content.

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