Business intelligence

Collaborate with data and drive businesses developing actionable insights. Collaborate with data and derive insights that your business needs. Analyse data and drive businesses generating actionable insights. Derive business insights and drive businesses generating actionable insights. We help implement bi solutions across wide ranging businesses using advanced bi tools and processes.

Generate actionable insights using data.

Trigital can undertake and implement cost effective business intelligence solutions for businesses of varying complexities and sizes and help an entities department plan activity, validate changes, implement solutions and transform businesses with data driven optimisation and processes.

Data driven business processes and bi based business transformation.

Sales and marketing, inventory and SCM , service provisioning, CRM and many more.

From Data warehousing to solution integration, processing and reporting Trigital applies the most reliable bi and ba based tools to effectively address challenges and efficiently orchestrate result oriented outcomes.

Procedures that collectively address business goals implement and their transform .

Data Report generation & automation

While bi helps derive expected business outcomes towards optimisation report generation and automation on the other hand serves as the most valuable tool to plan correct course of actions that in turn aid the actual process of business intelligence implementation.

Nevertheless reporting automation has been evolving to play a significant role in making business outcome based decision making easy and efficient.

Trigital has developed reporting solutions using the most popular reporting frame works and can develop reporting automation software that makes business analysis easy.

Reporting tools

  • Brit
  • Jasper
  • Adaptive Insights
  • Clic view
  • Quick sense
  • Looker
  • Tableau
  • Crystal Reports
  • Pentaho Reporting
  • Mode Analytics

Data migration

Migration of data is crucial when migrating from on technology to another or simply aligning with the technology landscapes brought about by change and development. Business conduct and processes as such are no longer the same. Old processes are replaced by new processes as a result of constant iterations from time to time.

New platforms but old data could be a challenge during the process of business transformation with the only solution being, migrate the voluminous data along with migrating from technology to technology or platform to platform.

And migrating data most of the time is riddled with challenges as well

Trigital has ample expertise migrating data from legacy systems to the present day process based systems, having catered to the media, data, voice segments of the digital domains varying across multiple geographies, entities, huge subscriber bases and service topographies with post go live support and other value added features.

Trigital has migrated decades of data to modern platforms of services deliverance in the communications and the media sectors that involved colossal subscriber bases, service plans necessitating OSS integration and multiple provisioning systems on pan India basis.

Data sciences

Data and data sciences has finally been dotting every sphere of the technological panorama with AI and the various sub sects being instrumental in the orchestration of the different processes, eventually optimising procedures that lead to the most efficient business outcomes and results. Process optimisation is the key to service deliverance and business conduct from the contexts of efficiency and agility.

AI, ML Deep learning

The ability of AI to rapidly process huge quantities of data and derive insights with machine learning converting the same in to call to action or actionable insight has given rise to a multitude of applications by which platforms and tools can thrive on the merits of AI related processes.

Trigital can encompass AI driven processes for a host of the industries ranging from media and communication, e-commerce, retail, scm and many more as pioneers incorporating solutions and institutionalising yardsticks in service deliverance for diverse range of industries


IOT has broadened the scope of energy management and monitor. Multiple devices and applications have optimised the way energy is consumed and utilised.it doesn’t stop here data poling data visualisation and end user based dash boards which can enable share inferences and manage the various metrics that lead to efficiency in energy management through monitor and control.

Connect and interface with devices, monitor energy. Usage metering, charging and more.

  • Industrial automation
  • Energy monitoring

Optimise energy consumption from the convenience of your palm and manage the metrics applying internet of things.

Meter- integration-monitor-dashboards-end user


Monitor and analyse and infer for call to action in conservation and optimisation or efficiency and enablement via automation and IOT frame works.

Consultation services

Harness the potentials of industry specific expertise for cause specific solutions. We guide you towards evolving technology that supersede the past and foray into the future.

  • Managed services
  • Technology consultation

Demands and requirements are unique and so should be solutions .the right fit for the right job. And in view of technologies replacing themselves with constant iterations fostered by change it is highly imperative and challenging to get across the right kind of solution that your enterprise or your business needs.

We can sync solutions with challenges or simply put help you get the right blend of technology in accordance with the challenges fostered by your business or enterprise. Customisable integrations or migration from legacy to the advanced and more, its trigitals forte owing to decades of experience in the information technology and IT automation domains.

IT automation

IT Automation has evolved to be the biggest accelerator of technology and businesses driven by technology, optimising processes and redefining the scope of business conduct on several fronts and spheres. From infra structural automation to task automation the panorama is large when applying it and incorporating efficiency.

Process automation

Applying IT automation to processes has become the norm in the modern world of applications and application based platforms. Plethora of software applications that perform tasks and orchestrate processes have become the backbone for agility and dexterousness that are the key instruments in the ever changing world of business deliverance and solution deployment.

Web application development

The web has evolved to be the centre stage of information technology related business processes with almost every sphere of the digital era reliant on web based applications. E commerce, service industries and sectors of sorts be it health care, entertainment, education, banking, insurance etc.

Mobile application development

From the convenience of the palm is the norm in the present scenario’s of conduct of life or business. While in the office or on the move is the pace that has been set with the proliferation of mobile technology and mobile devices redefining the generation across the globe with people greatly dependant on mobile devices and it is mobile applications that drive the show.


  • Media & communication
  • E commerce
  • Subscription & RRM.
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance


OSS & BSS INTEGRATIONS – PROVISIONING SYSTEMS> south bound northbound integrations.

North & south Bound integrations

Equip your OSS/BSS with north bound and south bound interfaces and manage networks from a single point interface. Assorted systems or devices from sourced from multiple vendors make it challenging to monitor the different network elements making oss and bss ecosystems prone to hassles increasing complexities down the lane.

  • Bss integrations
  • Interface development
  • cloud native integrations